Le nostre torte Banchetto

Our specialties.

Home-made cuisine

Our cuisine is simple and homemade. We offer traditional Italian cuisine and dishes from the Val Canale. We prepare local delicacies by reservation: frico (old poor dish made of potatoes and cheese) with polenta, stewed game, ravioli with smoked ricotta, soup of barley and beans. Particularly famous are "Cjalzòns". They are a traditional dish from an old family recipe, handed down from generation to generation.

This specialty is mentioned in the book "Sui Sentieri del Friuli Venezia Giulia" by Rudi Vittori. Cjalzòns are a typical dish from Carnia's region and therefore unusual in Tarvisio and in Val Canale, but in Pontafel and Lussnitz there is a local variant greatly appreciated.

The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. We are closed - during the winter months- on Friday.

For reservations: +39 042860087